The Multifaceted Maestro of Kuduro Music and Art




Born José Eduardo Paulino dos Santos on 28 September 1984 in Luanda, Angola, Coreon Dú was destined for a life in the public eye as the son of José Eduardo dos Santos, the former President of Angola, and his wife, Ana Paula dos Santos. However, he chose to step away from politics and instead, carved out a unique path for himself in the world of arts and entertainment.

From a young age, Coreon Dú was drawn to the vibrant and energetic beats of Kuduro, a type of music and dance that originated in Angola in the 1980s. His passion for this genre led him to pursue a career in music, releasing albums such as "Binario" (2010), "The Coroner" (2014), and "Bailando Kizomba" (2015). His music, characterized by infectious rhythms, has played a significant role in popularizing Kuduro on an international scale.

Coreon Dú continues to innovate and inspire in the world of Kuduro music, television production, and fashion design. His upcoming projects include collaborations with other artists in the Kuduro genre, further expanding its reach and influence. His dedication to his craft and his deep appreciation for his Angolan roots continue to drive his work, promising a bright future for this multifaceted artist.

Coreon Dú’s influence extends beyond his solo work. He has collaborated with various artists, including DJ Ketchup on a track called “Sol Raiar,” an Afro House production. He has also worked with MasKarado and has an upcoming collaboration with Kuduro artist Noite Dia. In an interview with Platina Line, he expressed his appreciation for the close relationship between electronic music and Angolan Kuduro, emphasizing the importance of interconnection among musicians for collective growth.

In addition to his musical contributions, Coreon Dú has also made a name for himself in the world of television and fashion. He has produced several successful Angolan telenovelas, including “Jikulumessu” and “Voo Directo.” His fashion brand, “WeDú,” emphasizes comfort and positivity, drawing inspiration from contemporary African lifestyles.